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Don’t freak out! Safety tips on Death Cap mushrooms

Wild mushrooms have been eaten by humans for centuries and with a little education they will continue to be a safe food for many happy families hunting in the woods around BC. Recently, the death cap mushroom (Amanita phalloides) had it’s first fatality ever in Victoria.  This is a deadly poisonous mushroom that is easy…

Honey mushrooms in BC (Armillaria mellea)

Chef Robin here again, we’ve been finding tons of honey mushrooms on our wild foraging tours this Fall.  And a lot of my Eastern European clients want to know how to find this edible species of mushrooms.   I’ll key them out here for you and also caution you to some poisonous look alikes.  These mushrooms…

The prettiest mushrooms in BC – Violet Cortinarius

This mushroom is so gorgeous, I found a double dozen of them in the forest today. It’s called Cortinarius violaceus or a Violet Cort and can be found in coniferous forests around BC. Okay, so you want to know if it’s edible, don’t you. It is edible, but tastes a bit like cigarette butts (not…