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The prettiest mushrooms in BC – Violet Cortinarius

violet cortinarius (6)

This mushroom is so gorgeous, I found a double dozen of them in the forest today. It’s called Cortinarius violaceus or a Violet Cort and can be found in coniferous forests around BC. Okay, so you want to know if it’s edible, don’t you. It is edible, but tastes a bit like cigarette butts (not that I’ve sampled the butts before). I’ve only tasted it once and was so disappointed that I now only love them for their beauty (like a super model – fun to look at, but not to date!)
ID KEY for Violet Cortinarius
Cap – 4-15 cm in wideth, dark violet/purple in colour, convex, margin incurved, covered in fine downy scales

Gills – Adnate and dark purple, evenly spaced
Spore print – Rusty brown
Stalk – Dark violet/purple in colour, tall (20–40mm at base), covered in fibrils, solid
Habitat – Likes rotting wood conifers in BC forests

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