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How to harvest mussels in BC

Learning how to harvest mussels in BC is one of the most fun, simple foraging trips that anyone can do.  I’m surprised at how many people are really intimidated about harvesting their own shellfish in BC. Mostly, it’s for fear of getting sick from red tide (PSP).   Here is all the information you need…

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January 4, 2017

Oregon Grape Jelly with ginger

We’re super excited about our new Foraging for Beginners Course.  To learn the basics of how to find and cook wild edible weeds, trees, mushrooms and berries like oregon grape with Chef Robin – click here. Oregon Grape Jelly with ginger The basic ratio of sugar to Oregon grape juice is about 1:1 unless you…

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July 19, 2014

Finding Morels in BC – Like pirate booty!

I wasn’t always big on morels.  As a chef, they are really expensive ($30/lb) and really hard to clean with all those bloody holes in the caps.  But I found a cluster of small black morels when I was hiking, totally clean! Free luxury culinary ingredients always makes me excited.  So, I added those to…

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June 19, 2014

Wild Mushrooms: Shaggy Manes

Shaggy mane mushroom foraging happens from May to October in Vancouver, BC. I found these little suckers in my Vancouver backyard yesterday. Couldn’t resist filming a little “how to” for people that are curious. These mushrooms come up absolutely everywhere and are easy to identify so their a good beginner mushroom for new foragers. Also,…

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June 7, 2014

Foraging: Birch Leaves

I have a lovely birch tree in my Vancouver backyard. In the spring, I love to pick 3 new bright green leaves for my tea in the morning. The taste is very fresh and spicy, similar to a green tea and really good for you. A little lemon and honey balances the flavour nicely.  Foraging…

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April 29, 2014

Eat your Weeds! Bittercress

It’s Spring in Vancouver and time to start yanking those weeds. I can tell you which annoying weeds in your garden are edible in this video series on foraging in BC. I’ll start with bittercress. It’s peppery and really tasty, I use it in salads or as a spice. Foraging in Vancouver with Chef Robin…

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April 10, 2014