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Finding Morels in BC – Like pirate booty!

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burn-morelsI wasn’t always big on morels.  As a chef, they are really expensive ($30/lb) and really hard to clean with all those bloody holes in the caps.  But I found a cluster of small black morels when I was hiking, totally clean! Free luxury culinary ingredients always makes me excited.  So, I added those to my slow-cooked pork shoulder gravy and, voila, I was a changed woman!  The texture is brilliant and the meaty flavour has me salivating just thinking about it.  Here’s my tips on how to find them.  – Chef Robin

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Edible Morels (Morchella genus)

Where do I look?

  • Finding morels in BC: Burn sites (the year after a fire) – the Okanagan would be a good start considering the amount of fires they have, disturbed areas (clear cuts, near roads etc.) – this mushroom pops up in many different environments.

When do I look?

  • Spring in BC – possible in summer, fall and even winter though.  They seem to like a warming trend followed by a cold spell.  Spring rains are a good sign too.  Bah… it’s really hard to nail these conditions down though, sometimes you just have to be lucky.

Key Features?morel-vs-gyromitra

  • Honeycombed cap!  The false morels have a brain-like or wrinkled cap (no holes)
  • Cap joined to the stalk along it’s full length, and is not umbrella like (Verpa genus is umbrella like)
  • Mushroom is hollow and doesn’t have a cottony pith filling
  • Cap can be black or beige (Morchella elata or angusticeps etc)

Know these look alikes first…

  • False morel – Gyromitra esculenta (refer to picture) – deadly poisonous raw!
  • Best to avoid all Gyromitra family mushrooms with the brain-like cap
  • Early Morel – Verpa bohemica – cap shape is umbrella like (cap is free from stalk) and stalk has a cottony filling

How to cook them?

  • When you pick them make sure to cut or brush the dirt off them.  This simple step saves you oodles of time.
  • At home, check your morels for dirt and you can use water with these to clean them.
  • YOU MUST COOK MORELS! – This is one mushroom that can give you stomach upsets if eaten raw.
  • Dry them or freeze them if you have too much to handle.
  • I love adding them to gravies or pasta sauce. – Pasta with white wine cream sauce is my fav. to add them to.

Fun Factoid

  • False morels (Gyromitra esculenta) contain a toxin gyromitrin or it’s byproduct MMH which is a rocket fuel!  Once the mushroom is cooked, it off-gases the toxin, just don’t inhale it… or better yet, just don’t pick Gyromitra!

Note: It is illegal to pick in British Columbia Parks, crown land is fine though.  More info here.