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Wild Mushrooms: Shaggy Manes

shaggy manes (3)

Shaggy mane mushroom foraging happens from May to October in Vancouver, BC.

I found these little suckers in my Vancouver backyard yesterday. Couldn’t resist filming a little “how to” for people that are curious. These mushrooms come up absolutely everywhere and are easy to identify so their a good beginner mushroom for new foragers. Also, it’s crucial with wild mushrooms to know how they should be cooked as they definitely vary from the ones you find in stores. Shaggy manes taste meaty with a slight bitter hint sometimes. Fry them first, then add them to whatever you like – on top of eggs or pasta is great.

Some people react badly (ie stomach upsets) when consuming these with alcohol, I’ve been extra cautious in the video about mentioning this just to be on the safe side.  The ‘alcohol inky cap’ – Coprinus atramentarius – is the mushroom look alike that you really shouldn’t consume, especially with alcohol.

Chef Robin

shaggy manes (3)ID notes: Coprinus comatus

Cap: shaggy brown scales at least near top – Long cylindrical 2-10″ high

Gills – White – digesting themselves ie. turning inky black

Stalk – Long white hollow

Veil: Forming ring on stem frequently

Habitat: in grass, roadsides, in large groups