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Chipa Recipe! Argentinian Cheese Rolls – Gluten-free

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Just got back from Buenos Aires!  I ate these little cheese buns constantly, usually, while sitting in one of their many sunny parks thinking of the rain in Vancouver:)   They’re made with tapioca flour instead of wheat so they are gluten-free for anyone who needs a tasty bread substitute.  You can use different cheeses to make these but usually they’re made with fresh Parmesan (reggiano).    Originally, the recipe is from Peru.  I’ll be creating an Argentinian feast (Parrilla) in summer at the supper club, so sign up to be a Swallow Tail member if you want to be invited.

Chipa Recipe


  • Parmesan 100grs – grate (fine)
  • Manchego or gouda(or a med to soft cheese 150grs – grate (large setting)
  • Manteca (butter) 50grs
  • Huevo 4 ounces (2 eggs)
  • Leche (milk)  5 Tbs
  • Fécula de mandioca (tapioca flour) 250grs
  • 1 Tbs baking  powder


Mix cheese and flour.  Beat eggs, then add soft butter and eggs to dough, work with your hand.  Work in liquids (check the video below to see the consistency).   When your dough comes together into a ball and is moist like a cookie dough, it’s got enough liquid in it (add more milk if you need to).   Roll by hand into 3 cm/1 ounce balls and put on cookie sheet.  Bake till brown…  They should come out chewy almost like Japanese rice flour desserts.  They are best eaten hot, right away.

Oven – 390F for 20 mins (I usually test one to nail the perfect cooking time for the size you roll)

If you need a video to see the consistency of the dough etc.  This one is really good, but in Spanish so you’ll have to use your eyes.

Happy baking!

Chef Robin