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Savoury Chanterelle Stuffing recipe for a drool worthy Thanksgiving

Chanterelle mushrooms start popping up in October just when Thanksgiving rolls around, so what better way to use your harvest than in a savoury wild mushroom stuffing for your turkey.  You can cook this in a baking dish or in the bird as you wish, I’ve left instructions for each below.  You can make this…

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October 9, 2020

Dandelion marmalade recipe

I love wild twists on old favourite recipes, this one is spectacular. This recipe was passed on to me from my friend Chef Eddy. The original recipe was radicchio marmalade from Cin Cin Restaurant in Vancouver. Our twist is to use foraged dandelion greens and flowers instead of radicchio. Serve with duck or on buttered…

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June 22, 2020

Wild mushroom ratatouille recipe

This is a great recipe for any wild mushrooms that you find from chanterelles to wild oyster mushrooms. It’s particularly great with morel mushrooms too. And it’s vegetarian of course:) The recipe I make isn’t true ratatouille really because I add the ricotta, you can make it without the ricotta mixture but you’ll be missing…

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May 19, 2020

Wildflower Chocolate Cake

One of the most delicious spring treats, chocolate cake with wildflowers, specifically flowering currant in my area (Vancouver, BC). Ribes sanguineum is one of the most fragrant sweet, sage like blossom and is great in sweet as well as savoury cooking. This recipe is so quick and easy it will boggle your mind. Substitute fresh…

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April 29, 2020

Lime Leaf Falernum recipe

What is Falernum? It’s a tropical liqueur originally from the Caribbean that is used in Tiki cocktails. It’s base ingredients are lime peel, cloves, ginger, almonds and sometimes allspice and it’s delicious. I made a variation of this recipe for my 2020 Tiki event to serve at the jungle location (cocktail recipe listed under the…

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January 7, 2020

Tom yam hed recipe (Thai sour soup with wild mushrooms)

I first tasted this delicious soup in Chiang-mai, Thailand and fell in love. The recipe below is from Chef Lin (Panphailin Puntira) who runs Love Chiang Mai cooking school and was my amazing teacher on several trips to the area. My favourite version of this soup features wild local mushrooms. In Thailand (Late October) pickers…

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January 3, 2020

Cooking wild mushrooms: Bears Tooth mushroom

Bears tooth mushroom (Hericium sp.) fried in butter. One of the tastiest and most aromatic BC wild mushrooms. These can be found on wood of hardwoods and conifers, (Ginns(5)), on old logs, dead stubs, or cankers on living trees with heart rot, (Harrison), late summer and fall (Miller). Always cut a piece off the main…

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October 3, 2019

Salmon croquettes recipe

By Chef Jane Cornborough (L’Abattoir restaurant) Makes appetizers for 4 guests It’s summer which means Salmon season is here! Pink salmon is perfect for canning and making dishes like croquettes, so here is a recipe that Chef Jane is using for our Aug 2019 summer secret supper featuring an all salmon menu in celebration….

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June 21, 2019

Green fig preserves

Green figs grow like mad in Vancouver, here’s a simple recipe for Persian style green fig preserves which are traditionally eaten for breakfast with bread, butter and nuts. When you cook figs the flavours really come out as the sugar caramelizes. I’m not one for eating them raw as they just taste like sugar at…

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May 31, 2019

Best Fish and Chips recipe

I’m be honest with you, I’m super picky about fish and chips. I only like thin batters and the best fish (not cod; halibut, john dory or snapper ONLY!). The chips must be fried in beef tallow or duck fat if you want to go really crazy, because I need them to have flavour. If…

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April 5, 2019