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Wild Bar – A forest cocktail bar

Ticket includes your first cocktail

Quick Details

Adult Ages 19+


Join us on a warm summer evening for a drink under the forest canopy. Chef + Sommelier Robin Kort’s summer wild harvest will be extracted into syrups, tonics and bitters for the cocktail menu. Entrance fee includes one cocktail of your choice and a 1/2 hour stroll through the forest with a wildcraft expert to identify all the edibles we encounter.

Cocktail Bar Menu

Kombu Caesar – Vodka, tomato, lemonbalm, sugar kelp, furikake rim, bullwhip pickle
Elderflower + Sweet Cicely – Gin & tonic, lemon, sumac sugar rim
Savage Bourbon Sour – Dandelion, fig leaf bitters, juniper, lemon
Wild Tinto de verano – Oregon grape juice, lemonade, red wine

(Bar menu may change based on ingredient availability)


  • June 8th, 2024
  • Meet us in the forest at Malcolm Knapp in 14500 Silver Valley Rd, Maple Ridge
  • Pick your first cocktail and we’ll have it waiting for you at your wildcraft walk time of 4, 5 or 6pm that evening.