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Trinidad Dhalpuri Roti – Tiki Supper Recipe

We’re having a Tiki Secret Supper & cocktail night at the Swallow Tail (Mar 29), so I had to test out recipes for Dhalpuri Roti as it kicks ass.  The first time I had it was at Rihanah’s Trinidad Roti in Port Moody (the Bomb).  I’m making goat roti for the dinner, if you want to come check dets here.  We’re also having a contest to win 2 free seats at Tiki.

Here’s the recipe from Chef Chris at the Caribbean Pot

Tips for Recipe: I found a spectacularly similar recipe to Rihanah’s which turned out pretty well on my first try.  I have to nail the split pea filling consistency.  I overcooked them a bit so it was more of a paste than a coarse meal. I would also make each roti smaller so they fit in my pan and cook evenly next time (and add less filling), but other than that it was a SWISH!  I used peanut oil to brush with, because I love the flavour of it.  They turned out so chewy and lovely, I put on some dubstep just to celebrate.

Note on ingredients for Vancouverites: Bought some stellar organic yellow split peas at the new Organic Acres on Main street

Trinidad Dalpuri Roti - recipe

Have fun,

Chef Robin