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Dirty food secret #1 – Do you like Kraft Dinner?

I know you’ve eaten it before! Come to confession all ye sinners.

KD was invented in 1937 as a war ration staple to feed hungry soldiers cheaply at only 19 Cents! Fast forward to the 1980’s, my mom used to serve this bright orange madness as a treat, cause kids love the shit. As you move into adulthood it’s far more fashionable to treat KD with distain as crappy food reserved for white trash. But I was curious to relive my childhood so I whipped some up the other day, yes, I’m admitting it. As a chef, you’d think it was sacrilege, but if you’ve worked in restaurants you’d notice that chefs eat the more junk food than most. Cooking all the time gives you a hate for the food you make, and a jones for McD’s.

So… A nice salad and some powdered pasta. Gulp, I still like it, ha!

So tell me, what do you think of the orange stuff? Nostalgic treat or road to an early grave?

Ingredients: Enriched wheat, milk, bacterial culture, salt, cream, lipase, microbial enzymes (to pre-digest it for me?), calcium chloride, modified milk ingredients; salt, sodium phosphates, colour (tartrazine), flavour(what the hell is ‘flavour’?), citric acid