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Chefs List – Top 5 Favourite Restaurants in Vancouver

Wonder which restaurants in Vancouver are closest to our local chefs hearts? I’ve polled a few friends in the field that I know, love, respect and fear slightly. Chefs are by nature pick-aparts, everything is critiqued. Join any chef at a restaurant table and they won’t be able to help themselves. It’s like itching a mosquito bite, MUST DO IT. The perfect panel to highlight some of the true gems in Vancouver’s huge roster of restaurants. It was really hard to narrow it down, there are so many wondrous restaurants, it was like choosing which body part you wouldn’t mind losing. However, the final tally of restaurants were the ones that we dined in and left fully inspired or scratching our heads in delighted confusion at the artistry and perfection that graced our table.

Note: I have to keep the chefs vaguely anonymous as we all work in the industry and wouldn’t want a scandal:)

So, here they are…

Chef Francie Pants

1. Nook

2. Motomashi Shokudo

3. Little Nest – Try: Any pastries! Especially the ricotta muffins.

4. Shiro sushi – Try: Sushi Fry #3 – on the special menu, it’s salmon/halibut deep fried

5. Lin’s Chinese – Try: Crispy Pancakes stuffed with BBQ pork

Chef Tee Wo

1. Au Petit Cafe – Try: Any sandwich with hot peppers

2. Kintaro – Try: Miso Ramen w/ fatty meat and rich broth, may kill you.

3. Belgian Fries – Late night chef craving most likely, like crack.

Chef Cork

1. Raincity Grill – Pacific Northwest at it’s finest, great BC wine selection as well

2. The Nook – Try: Chicken Liver Pate kicks your mothers ass!

3. Tojo’s – Try: You must order the set menus, they will blow the creative lid off your noggin’

4. Toshi Sushi- worth the wait. Try: House Roll or BBQ eggplant

5. Cibo

Chef Vega

1. West – amazingly consistent, creative, adventurous. Try: Octopus Salad with a glass of sherry!

2. Hawksworth – Try: Melon and Chicken Satay appetizer is pretty cute.

3. Bishops

4. Cru

5. Pied a Terre

Sommelier X

1. Maenam – Try: Red Curry Duck. Lunch special is a great deal.

2. La Quercia – Try: Seven course family style tasting

3. Chambar

4. L’Abattoir

5. Vij’s