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Coastal Foraging Adventure at Hollyhock!

Forage for wild food + cook with professional forager, chef, cookbook author and sommelier Chef Robin Kort of Swallow Tail Culinary Adventures.

Quick Details

May 8-12 | Cortes Island, BC | Food + Accommodation Package

Connect to the food of the coastal ecosystem on Cortes Island from forest to sea. Foraging at the sea tunes your senses to the ebb and flow of the tides, teaching us to time harvests to the rhythm of the sea and the seasons. Learn about gathering sustainable, delicious ingredients like crab, nori, sea lettuce, evergreen tips, spring mushrooms, licorice fern, clams, oysters or whatever we come across in our walks by the sea. Bring your harvest to the fireside and learn how to cook and preserve our treasure.

Foraging and cooking with wild food will ignite a passion and respect for the precious nature that surrounds us.

Come out with Chef Robin for a coastal adventure for food and nature lovers!

More info on the Hollyhock website + only 4 spots left…