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Night of the Stars: BC Oysters & Champagne

a bunch of food on a plate

Got together with my wine nerd friends last week and gorged on a huge platter of BC Oysters.  Kusshi, Miyagi and Summer Breeze, oh my…
We popped some bubbly and drooled all over my living room floor. Fresh grated horseradish, ginger cucumber mignonette and a fabulous cheese platter joined us for the fun.

Venturi-Schulze,  Brut(BC) – 2006 – Sparkling wine was a hit, it had gotten all cheesy with age and made excellent friends with our oysters.

I was inspired, so I’m going to put on an Oyster Dinner at the supper club for Swallow Tail members (Full Now)

I’m giving away two Free seats to this dinner for the best oyster story that appears in the comments below…

Chef Robin


Here are the dets:

  • 5 Courses including a platter of some fine oysters
  • Byo Bubbly to share with everyone
  • Long table supper
  • Oct 26th, 2012
  • Time: 6:30-9:30pm