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BBQ Spot Prawns

BBQ Spot Prawns with cilantro salt and green papaya salad at the supper club.

Tip: Buy them at T&T; Market live if you want to save a buck $8.99/lb right now.

It’s spot prawn season in Vancouver and they are bloody tasty. Last year, I made a video (link below) on how to properly prep live spot prawns. This year, I’ve been shelling hundreds for various catering jobs and, by God, they are so lively. I’ve never experienced the jumping craziness before. What is in the Ocean this year, ephedrine? I had 10 of them actually jump out of the sink. It usually doesn’t freak me out, but I had to put gloves on to steel my nerves and behead them all. If you are experiencing a similar squeamishness, I just want to tell you, “You are NOT alone!”

Here’s how to clean and prep them… Video