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Winter the season of the sea – Octopus and Uni!

a plate of food on a table

As a chef that focuses on foraging and seasonality, winter always starts with sadness for me.  Seeing those zombie tomatoes in the grocery store, slightly grey red and tasting of tart cardboard makes me want to scream and pout.  Fortunately,  three of my favourite winter delicacies are oysters, white truffles and uni.  I love ingredients that are so delicious and unique that they pause time when you taste them in their prime.  Last night at the supper club, Chef Jacob Deacon-Evans (West/Wildebeest/Bishops) froze time for me with his warm, creamy Dungeness crab polenta with fresh cool uni on top.  Paired with a stunning vermentino from Vento (find it at Liberty wine merchants) and followed by a shrimp braised octopus with pickled ramps and smashed potatoes.  Bring on the snow!  Here are some shots of Chef Jacobs octopus and uni dishes…


Ps. the octopus is bycatch (of the prawn fishing industry)

Crab polenta with uni by chef jacob deacon evans

The uni is hiding under the watercress leaf… but I found it!

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Chef Robin