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Strawberry Season – The Evil Strawberry

You thought they were so sweet and nice, but really they’re pure EVIL!
Ripe Summer Strawberries
400 grams Bitter Chocolate, ONLY Callebaut or another high quality brand
Optional Port

Take a little bit of love (the strawberries) and a little bit of pure, evil, dark chocolate from Callebaut. Dip the love in the evil. Serve to friends and fiends alike.

Melting the chocolate:
I usually melt it in the microwave, slowly, 20 sec at a time making sure you don’t overheat it (stir lots). Take it out and temper the chocolate with 2 Tbs of chocolate shavings, mix in well. Chocolate is ready for dipping now.

Optional Booze filling:
You can also take an apple peeler and cut a small hole in the strawberry, fill it with goodness like sherry or port! Dry the strawberry off if it’s moist. Then, cover the strawberry with melted chocolate, hole side up.

Chocolate tips:
If you aren’t going to eat the chocolate right away, put each chocolate strawberry on wax paper so that it doesn’t stick to the plate. Don’t refrigerate if you can help it, keep in a cool dark place in a sealed Tupperware. If the chocolate does get ‘bloom’ on it (whitish colour), don’t worry, it still will taste fine.