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Preserving Edible Flowers – Vinegar Recipe

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IMG_2601It’s so simple to create a beautiful vinegar of fragrant edible flowers this spring. I’ve used flowering currant (kicks rose petal ass in my opinion) which is native to BC and smells like sweet sage. This vinegar is amazing to flavour rice or add to a vinaigrette or dip fish in.  Pick flowering currants in March in Vancouver, you’ll see the gorgeous pink bushes all over town.  Just remember to leave some for the butterfly’s and bees that love them.

Preserving Edible Flowers 101

Vinegar Recipe

2 cups sushi vinegar

1/2 cup flower petals (strong smelling rose petals, flowering currant, chive blossom etc.)

flowering currant - edible flowers

Put in a jar, shake it and throw it in the fridge. Shake it everyday whenever you think of it for a week. Then strain out the flowers and voila… edible flower vinegar.

Chef Robin