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My top 5 Must Have Wine Apps for BC Wine Lovers

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Domaine Carneros – look, bubbles!

Iphone wine apps are affordable tools that let you learn more about wine and remember what you have learned.  Remembering being the key to future enjoyment.

  1. Pair It (4.99)  – Wine and food pairing database.  Because what you eat with it will completely change the wine you’re drinking, seriously.  Great for burgeoning wine nerds and chefs.
  2. BC Liquor Stores (free) – All my BC readers will need this one.  Not sure if our headless monster of a liquor monopoly has what you’re looking for or what the price is?  Product search any wine here, easy.
  3. Fromage (2.99) – Cheese and wine were lovers from the start; and a journey into wine should start with cheese.  This app demystifies all those crazy French cheeses, categorizing them by milk type, wine pairing suggestions, your own tasting notes, 750 cheeses listed
  4. Wine Spectators Vintage Chart (free) – Vintage matters folks, especially with cool climate wine countries like France, Germany, Canada etc., but who wants to memorize all those dates! Before you buy that expensive bottle, check it!
  5. Drync Wine (free) – A virtual cellar tracker/ and general tool to take wine notes on all the lovelies you sample.  That way you’ll remember what you like:)

Your resident Chef and Sommelier,