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How to cook salmon – pink, chum, sockeye, coho, spring, oh my…

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Also known as king, this is the fattiest salmon.  Best for baking, barbecue or grilling; so juicy and flavourful!

Barbecue it or serve it raw, this is my favourite salmon as you can do almost anything with it.  If you get sashimi grade then it’s nice to serve it sliced raw with a little lemon, ginger, chives and salt.

More subtle in flavor and texture than other types, it’s a smaller fish, making it great for roasting or grilling whole.

Has a lower fat content and is a good option for canning or smoking. If you find very fresh fillets (at fisherman’s wharf), grill them and season them lightly.  Be very careful not to overcook them as they are very delicately flavoured.

Sometimes labeled dog or keta salmon, it’s prized for its roe. Low fat fish that’s great for pan frying, canning, grilling or smoking.

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By Chef Shelley Robinson (Top Chef , Diva at the met) – BC Salmon season has begun!

The Menu

Summer Garden gazpacho
Home baked Bannock flat bread
Vanilla cured salmon
Grilled salmon – 3 ways
Wild rice fritters
A plethora of spring vegetables and salads
Fresh berry forno pizza
Spruce tip lemonade