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Hmmm, What to do for Father’s Day…

a crab with a person standing next to a body of water

If your dad is sick of getting power tools, golf clubs and cheap gift baskets from you, soothe his crabby disposition and give him something he won’t forget…until the next gift basket that is.

Father’s Day 2-for-1 Catch & Crab Cook Tour:

Treat Dad to a Crab Tour and you can come along for free!

Your day starts off with Crabcatching 101 as we’ll show you how to cast for crab, how to identify male/female crabs and what times are best for catching these tasty critters. At around noon we’ll show you how to cook your catch and treat you to a glorious black table cloth crab lunch by the beach (if weather permits) or at back at the supper club. Nothing beats enjoying the sun, the wind in your hair and stuffing your face with the catch of the day.

Swallow Tail Food Tour —
When: June 30
How long: 3 hours
Where: Near Jericho Beach
Price: $139 for crab catching lessons + gourmet crab dinner (treat dad and you come for free!)

To book, email us at