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The Hunt: Mushroom Foraging Vancouver

a close up of a forest

I would love to find gold on the street, wouldn’t you:)? Ka-ching!  That’s what it feels like when I find a big, fat chanterelle mushroom poking it’s head through the underbrush.  I’m mushroom obsessed.  With the prime months of Sept to Nov coming up for foraging you may see me tromping around BC forests, dirty nose to the ground.

Woodland Agaricus – Tastes like Steak!

I started my foraging early this year by going up to the Yukon to search for a type of rare porcini style mushroom called the aspen bolete.  I picked tons of them, and then, eagerly left them out to dry in the sun like little golden nuggets.  It was time to go for a quick  hike! Whilst I was enjoying the my walk, it decided to pour rain!   Wha-wha,  making them an inedible and a complete soggy mess.  The silver lining?  I found this huge woodland agaricus that we sliced and fried up on the fire in my cast iron pan with a little butter and wild sage.  OH MY GOD, it was like eating the best steak you’ve ever had.

Why I hunt?  I’m consistently enraged by the cultivated mushrooms that you find in our stores.  The droopy, the drab, the underwhelming …. white button mushrooms.  This is an Agaricus Family mushroom as well, but why did our brethren decide to cultivate the blandest one they could find?  It’s beyond me.  My solution is pick your own, there are tons of tasty edibles that will blow your mind, right near Vancouver, folks.

Come with me on my next mushroom identification trip and I’ll teach you to start your own hunting adventures.  We go out every year in Fall, it’s Mushroom Foraging Vancouver! Like a treasure hunt for adults.

Chef Robin

Chanterelles and Lobster Mushrooms