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Definitely not the Grocery Store – Deer Hunting 101 with Chef Robin

I am not a girlie-girl, but, honestly, shotguns scare the shit out of me. I got dressed up in my best plaid shirt today to venture out to get comfortable with guns. Shotguns and rifles are the only metal that I’m interested in, handguns are for weirdos and psychopaths (just joking, all you psychopaths out there!).

As a chef, I love venison and I want to be able to kill my own deer. Cause really, when you go to the grocery store and buy a lovely, juicy steak… you are part of an animal’s death. Being an urbanite, most of us never get anywhere close to understanding what the cost is of eating the amount of meat that we do. We never think about it (which makes it easy), but there is a huge impact on the world and on our bodies of eating meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sorry to get all preachy, that’s not what this is about. I just think about my role and awareness in the whole cycle and am not comfortable with it. So this is just my personal, mental challenge. Luckily, I have a solid farming line of uncles, father and grandfather to help me explore hunting in British Columbia.

Today, I got my first dose of reality when I went to an indoor shooting range in PoCo. I’ve never been good with loud noises and I’m pretty bony (T-Rex arms), this is not boding well, eh. The recoil on the shotgun almost removed my arm from my shoulder. With practice and my dad’s thoughtful instruction, I maybe got a bit better, solid aim, but still killing my shoulder with the kick back.

Sunday, I’m going for my firearms safety course and then my hunting license from there. I’ll keep you posted on this strange and mind twisting experience as I get closer to the forest, and then, to the table (hopefully, if I manage to bag a deer, I will host a grand fall feast at the supper club). Now, I gotta get me to the gym and pump some iron into my wee, bitty arms.

ps. Just thinking of hauling a super heavy rifle through kilometers of bush, managing to actually find, and then accurately shoot a deer. Then, gut it and pack all 100+ pounds of it out is making me… tired or hungry, I’m not sure which.