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Coastal Forager’s Cookbook

a person riding a surf board on a body of water

In a lifetime of living between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast mountains, I’ve gathered a pocketful of delicious local plants, mushrooms and seafood into my little green recipe book. The resulting cookbook is a family heirloom where original recipes from my mother, grandmother and chef friends mingle with my own experiments with wild ingredients. It’s also a map of my travels to the culinary pinnacles of Spain, Italy and Japan to eat, cook and learn from places that have long traditions of using similar ingredients. I share this collected research with you in hopes that, like me, you will connect the dots from wilderness to plate revealing delicious secrets from the forest to sea. This cookbook will give you some good ideas for what to do with your harvest and inspire you to get outside and explore. My advice is to gently follow the seasons and harvest what is offered up fresh each month; shoots and leaves in spring, summer seaweeds, flowers, fish and fruit, fall roots and mushrooms, and finally, winter seafood. Take the utmost care to pick only what is abundant and leave the rest for other beasts.