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Thimbleberry Jam Recipe

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The elusive thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus) is bright red and looks like a raspberry.   They taste like an intense raspberry and strawberry combination and they make kick ass jam.  Also, Check out our Foraging 101 Free online videos if you want to learn more about wild foods.

Where do I look?

  • Thimbleberries are found at lower elevations in damp sites at the forest edge on the coast. East of the Cascade Mountains, however, they grow in drier areas although they far prefer moist soils.

When do I look?

  • Summer – June to July

Key Features?

  • Downy (furry) five pointed (lobed) leaf structure.  Raspberry like berry.  White flowers.

How to cook them?

  • 2 cups thimbleberries
  • 2 oz certo pectin powder
  • 3 cups sugar (you can add 3.5 cups sugar if you want a thicker jam, I like mine runny)
  • Optional – 5 flowering currant leaves or fresh rosemary is nice too 1 tsp (chop fine)

Throw it all in a pot and heat to boiling.  Makes 2 med jars.  I usually just throw them in the fridge, but if you want you can ‘can’ appropriately by sterilizing the jars first.


Please use caution when hunting for edible plants and fungi.  This is just a rough guide which is no substitute for going out with an experienced wildcrafter.  Most plants aren’t deadly poisonous, but it’s no fun getting sick and not worth the risk!  Come with us on a wild edibles tour to start you off on the right foot.