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Wine 101 Class With Chef Robin Kort

a person drinking a glass of wine

For thousands of years, people have made and enjoyed wine. But if it’s been around so long, why is it so difficult to learn about wine? Why is wine so intimidating? At Swallow Tail, we know how to demystify this delicious and ancient beverage for the modern consumer. Whether you’re new to wine or someone who wants to take your wine knowledge to the next level, Wine 101 is the perfect introductory tasting class. Chef and sommelier Robin Kort will give you the confidence you need to explore the wonderful world of wine.

Wine 101 with Chef Robin

Your instructorRobin Kort has been running wine education classes and wine tours for the past 7 years.  Her sommelier accreditation was taken under Barb Phillips (Master of wine) and DJ Kearney.  In the vineyards, she’s gotten her hands dirty working at Venturi-Schulze Winery.  As an avid traveller, she’s studied wine from France to New Zealand.
Book a private group of 6+ guests email us.  Public dates for any amount of guests may be available, please inquire.
Price: 67
Course includes:
  •  The basics of on how wine is made
  • Lessons on how to taste wine from a sommelier and chef
  • Tips on reading labels, purchasing and storing wine
  • Insider insights about emerging trends in wine that you’ll want to know
  •  A guided tasting of seven great wines to help you acquire the skills you need to elevate your personal wine appreciation and to help you feel more comfortable talking about wine.
Wine & Food Pairing with Chef Robin 
Never know which wine to bring to dinner parties? Chef and sommelier Robin Kort will walk you through a wine 101, teaching you the basics of how to really appreciate wine and how it works with food.  Five wines will be paired with canapes and cheeses and we’ll explore what works and what doesn’t together answering questions like; What wine pairs with salmon? Why doesn’t any wine pair with artichokes?  And what is umami anyway?  Welcome to a casual and enlightening discussion with Chef Robin and get to know your senses better. Email us to inquire about booking your private group.  Great for stagettes or any special occasions.

 Price: 79 pp