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A gift only for Swallow Tail members to help you through another Monday…

a couple of people that are eating some food

Hi folks,
This present is for you, my lovelies. I have 10 big Matsutakes (the famous and rare Pine mushrooms) that cost $60/lb and I’d like to give them to the 8 most interesting posts about mushrooms on our facebook page. The posts can be informational, stories, cool pictures, whatever you can think of. Deadline is this Tuesday 9pm. You have to live in Vancouver and be a Swallow Tail member to win – sign up on the upper right corner of this webpage…

Matsutakes are cinnamon scented, ceremonial mushrooms in Japan that are presented to heads of state in simple wooden boxes. They are amazing sliced thinly and eaten raw or tossed in soy and fried in butter!
Thanks being a Swallow Tail members guys!

Chef Robin
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