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Definitely not the Grocery Store – Deer Hunting 101 with Chef Robin – Update 1

Just a quick update on the ultimate city slicker chef learning to hunt, yes, me. I was forced back to the firing range last week by my friend who is pitching the story to the CBC, she wanted to take some photos of us shooting. I really was not excited to go back as last time I left slightly shaky and pale. My neck was tweaking all week from the kick back on the shotgun and I was seriously doubting my ability to actually hunt ever.

Here’s a link the story on my first hunting hurdle – first time to shoot a gun ever.

But I sucked it up and went with my partner in crime, Helen Stortini (of Growing Chefs fame). She was far more comfortable with the kick and even looked like she had fun last time, damn her! We entered the cozy confines of the concrete box that is DVC indoor shooting range. I put on my fat headset for ear protection and we were ushered into the main shooting area where there was at least 3 other people firing. Guess what, explosives are LOUD. I jumped every time someone let a round loose and had to grab some extra ear plugs just to be able to stay in the room. YES, I am a wimp around weapons. I picked up the shotgun, loaded it and went through the mental check list my father had taught me. Cheek pressed against the stock, butt of the gun nestled tight in the crook of your shoulder, stance forward leaning… fire. Hey! It didn’t hurt this time. This could actually be fun. I think the key was wearing a thick sweater that cushioned my shoulder from the recoil. Maybe I can do this. To be continued next week when I go to test for my hunting license.