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The Best Dumplings in Vancouver

Michelle Ng et al. sitting at a table with a plate of food

Where do you find the best dumplings in Vancouver? I’m a dumpling addict, because these tasty little bites that are a true labour of love.  I come by it honestly, watching my mom roll out and pinch dozens of perogies for hours only to have us devour them in 30 minutes displayed nothing but love to me. Dumplings come in many different wrappers, classically as wontons, gyoza, ravioli or even straight up chicken and dumplings (drool).  In the end they are all dumplings, dough that’s steamed or boiled, as simple as that.  But why make them when you can just eat!  Here is my hit list for the best dumplings in Vancouver in no particular order.

  1. Livia Italian Eatery has Chef James Frost making delicious ravioli di fiori (sunchoke, ricotta, hazelnut) everyday for us, check them out for dinner.
  2. Best Dim Sum: Make it easy, go on a Richmond food tour with Vancouver Foodie Tours Treat yourself to a day of dim sum where you will devour many different types of dumplings like Siu Mai (pork and shrimp dumpling) and ha gow (shrimp dumplings with chili oil and soy sauce for dipping… yum) amongst other delicious small plates of food.
  3. Kozak Ukraїnian Eatery – Handmade perogies, even lamb perogies. The Best!
  4. Hot Cha Cafe – Big juicy pork & vegetable dumplings are $6 for 8! Best deal in town, take them to go and eat them on the picnic tables on 17th ave with a bubble tea.
  5. Fry some at home, but have a pro make them by ordering dumplings from Chef Matthew Murtagh-Wu, the Dumpling King, just make sure you have a non-stick pan to fry them in:)

Good luck out there!

Chef Robin